Sunday, May 25, 2003


Looks like we are overdue for an update again!

Let's see…


  • I

    was sicker than I have been in 20 years this last month. Call it bronchitis,

    pneumonia, SARS, The Plague…whatever: I had it. Took 3 weeks to get rid of

    the dammed thing!

  • I

    lost about 35 pounds, thanks to the late Dr,

    . Worked like a charm, and I'm enjoying the new diet. I'm done

    losing weight for a while; I'm content to be below 200!

  • Just

    celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Altura!

    What a fast year! I have a great team: in the last few months, I added

    Charlotte Falk, Karl Schafer-Junger, and Tim Kilroy!

  • Made

    a trip back to


    for a few days to catch up on old times. Not a lot of time, but it was fun!  Heading

    back to


    in early May, so hopefully I'll catch up with those I did not before.

  • bGon

    continues to grow! We took on about 500 new items to sell,

    and are working overtime these days!

  • On

    the technology side:

    • My

      newest favorite toy is my iPod.

      Got the 5GB version on eBay for $200.

      Now, I can listen to my favorite

      books with no CD burning or partial recordings! If you are interested

      in joining them, please tell me, so I can help you.

    • I'm

      still loving my wireless

      for my Sony T68i.

      Made by Jabra, it works on Bluetooth, and is easily the best headset I

      have ever had. Wireless is the way to go!

    • Found

      a great site for ringtones &

      themes for the T68i!

    • My

      Palm M515 works great

      with Bluetooth, too.


  • She's

    the newest superstar sales person at Lexus

    of Marin!
    She's selling cars now, and the new RX330

    is her latest obsession. Expect one in our driveway, once the Nav system is


  • She's

    having a great time, and working hard!

Hope all is

well with you!

- Amy

& Josh

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