Sunday, February 29, 2004

Forgive the blog absence…it's been a busy time. Retail Presents is changing its name to InStorecard; any change is a good one. After all of the hard work for the last few months, we have received our initial VC funding (YAY!), so it means we have at least a year to make this company the next Microsoft.

As for me, work has been my life. Loving the ferry ride every day: talk about decadence! The new Ferry building, and especially Taylor's Automatic Refresher (great name, no?), are a dream.

I'm struggling this weekend with illness (fever) and trying to get better: strange, it just hit me on Friday, just after lunch. Was in bed all day since Friday evening.

What else? Had 2 memorable steak dinners last week: 1 at the House of Prime Rib, courtesy of Lani Chin's Superbowl prognostications (thanks, Lani!), and one at my boss/partner/chief pain in the ass' house when he missed his last ferry and I gave him a ride home. What a meal! And Kristen cooks like that every night? No wonder Mark's a triathelete!

Looking forward to P's return, and my health improving!

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