Thursday, May 06, 2004

I have seen the future...and it is WORSE than Minority Report!:

Marketing "Wiz" Develops Urinal Advertising

If you're a marketer who is trying to capture a male audience is a way no one else has, urine luck. A company has developed an interactive urinal display designed to capture the attention of men when nature calls.

Wizmark's newly patented device has a promotional ad message contained inside an angled 3.5" lenticular waterproof display, as well as flashing lights that are activated either by either someone's physical presence or by urination onto the screen.

When activated, the screen also emits a pre-recorded audible message of up to 16 seconds duration, said Richard Deutsch, who invented the interactive plastic deodorizing unit for Wizmark, Islip, NY.

Deutsch said the unit is going to be marketed for use in bars, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, race tracks, movies theaters, airports and train stations for either commercial or public-service messages. He added the unit is ideal for anti-smoking, anti-drug or anti-drunk driving messages.

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