Saturday, August 07, 2004

A MONTH since my last post?

Man, I'm working too hard.

Well, the business stuff is going well! New clients, lots of prospects, and we just hired what I hope to be the best Sales VP ever. She's great: she should teach lessons on how to sell. Now, let's see her handle the onslaught that is Elvis.:-)

Amy's back to work! She decided to do retail, and had Ann Taylor and Victoria's Secret in a bidding war for her services! Ann Taylor won, and her store is HUGE! Great feeling for her!

Weekends? West Palm Beach, FL, for Len's wedding. Fun, but FLORIDA IN JULY?!?!!? AGH!!!! Hell on earth! Went swimming in the ocean, though; never did that in the US before where it wasn't bone numbingly cold.

We also spent a weekend in Sacramento, while Amy trained for the new gig. I like that town, damn it. And the food is trying to get better. I took the train to and fro: 4 forms of transport in one day (boat, train, bus, and car).

Coming up: Denver this week, with a visit to two prospects who are GREAT. A short stop in Nebraska for one other. Maybe I'll talk to Omaha Steaks…

More to come!

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