Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mobile Life Tips #1

Charles, my co-founder and friend, suggests that the things I take for granted would actually be of value, sharing with others. Especially, my unique quest to make my online life mobile. So, presenting the first in an occasional series on mobilizing your online life!

Tip #1: Googling from a cell...without going online.
Let's say you are looking for a phone number of a local pizza place. Call directory assistance and pay $2.00? Heck, no! Just send a text message from your cell phone to Google! Text to GOOGL (that's 46645 on your keypad). So, for the local result, try texting "Pizza" and your ZIP code. For instance, downtown Boston would be "Pizza 02109". You'll get an SMS back with the search results and phone numbers in about a second...FREE. All you pay is the normal cost of receiving a text message.

Try sending a message "Help" to GOOGL now, and see all of the cool things you can do.

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