Wednesday, August 31, 2005

GREAT service

My old friend and mentor, Doug Fleener, likes to talk about the importance of great customer service, in keeping customers. He’s right: you’ve read about my travails with my recent webhosting issues: I switched to I expected very little in terms of service, and, truth is, I have few needs: some basic FTP functions and FrontPage support. All good.

FrontPage would not publish, so I resigned myself to the black hole of trouble tickets, expecting an answer within a week, maybe. Imagine my shock when I got three responses within a day, explanation of the issues, expected resolution times, and updates. When it still did not work, they responded within an hour, and offered to port my site to a new server.

I’m paying less a year than most pay for their monthly access, and that’s the level of service I got. Wow. Kudos, guys.

Contrast that with the level of service I got from a company I usually have very good things to say about, We pay thousands of dollars to them a year, and several of their functions had some bugs. In response to my trouble tickets to them, I got form letters that were recapitulations of the help docs, which I had specifically indicated I had already consulted with. They didn’t read, they just sorted and hoped I’d go away. Not their norm, but not fun either. the new paragon of service.

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