Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Treo, a blog, and a decompressing airplane

In some ways, blogging is a fusion of diary writing, watercooler discussion, and Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame. I like being able to share my observations and experiences here, but some people clearly take it too far.

Take, for instance, Jeremy Hermanns. A proud owner of a Treo 650, including the integrated camera, and a blogger. Jeremy experienced one of the nightmares I dream of: a plane, at 30K feet, suddenly having a hole in the fuselage and explosively decompressing. Faced with panic, fear, and his fiancee elsewhere in the plane, what did Jeremy do in the heat of the chaos? He whipped out his Treo and started snapping pictures for his blog, including a self portrait with his oxygen mask on.

Jeremy, I don't know whether to salute you, or use you as a cautionary tale for others. What I do know is, with your insights, as well as your non-union stance, my friend Pete clearly wants to be you someday. He's flying shortly; let's see what he comes up with!

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