Sunday, January 22, 2006

A HowTo on eating Sushi

Easy, right? Chopsticks. :-)

Seriously, I love sushi. Amy has come to love it, as well, after years of resistence. The texture, the flavor, the ritual: it's a great sensual experience. For some folks, they can't get past the "raw fish" thing. But for many others, they just find it intimidating, and it can be: there are rituals, secret code words, and more.

Luckily, this fellow has created a guide on how to eat sushi, from picking the restaurant, to ordering, to eating. It's a comprehensive look at the way to eat sushi that, even after 15 years of sushi consumption, I learned quite a bit.

I'll still never get my mother and stepfather to go try it again, but at least he liked the wasabi!

Our favorite sushi places:
Sushi Ran
Hotei (technically, a Japanese restauarant, but they get the sushi from Ebisu: great if there's a massive wait at Ebisu)
Yu Sheng (Yes, it's chinese & japanese but REALLY good, inexpensive suhi. Try the crab special!)

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