Saturday, March 25, 2006

A great way to say goodbye

Recently, when we went back to Boston for the funeral of Amy's brother in law, Bob Weinberg, the friends and family decided to celebrate his life by doing one of the things he loved best: eating. :-) On a night when the windchill brought the cold to below zero, 18 of Bob's friends and family headed to Boston's famous North End for a great meal.
Maki & RobbieMaki & Robbie, our favorites.

Amy and I lived in the North End for over 6 years. At least once a week, we'd walk back from work, and head up Salem St. to our favorite restaurant, L'Osteria. After 10+ years away, we called and timidly asked if, on a Saturday night they could handle our party; they remembered us immediately and were thrilled to have us there.
Mia, Maki & Rob's daughter, confers with Francine on the menu

Man, what a feats. Anitpastos, great wine, and L'Osteria's signature Chicken Picatelli (not on the menu; you have to ask for it), and Chicken Marenga (God, is it sinfully good). All combined with great folks, a fun celebration, and a fitting toast to a man who enjoyed their food many times.

Mia approves!

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