Saturday, April 08, 2006

Looks like my next computer will be a Mac

As I write this, my old reliable Ruby iMac stares at me forlornly from a corner, abandoned in silence due to a bad video card. I actually own 4 other computers, all running Windows XP, but none of them give me the excitement of using my old Mac: the Mac OS is elegant, powerful, and just WORKS. The problem is I live in a Windows world: I've tried to make it with a Mac before, but the translation always introduces a level of instability I can't handle with business.

After many years of encouraging Windows users to just "Switch," Apple has decided on a new take: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The new Macs are based on Intel chips: basically, the same as a PC, but running the great Mac OS X. Since the chip switch was announced, people have been asking: could you run Windows XP on it? Not emulated; really RUN it? Apple played coy, and outright denied it for a while, but this week, all that changed, as Apple introduced Boot Camp, a free program to allow you to boot your Mac up with OSX or Windows XP.

From all reports, it seems it's amazingly elegant, and, like all Mac things, it just WORKS. Now, with once computer, you can switch back and forth from Mac to PC, as needed. This means the Mac becomes the most flexible computer on the planet. So: flexibility, elegance, reliability, and extremely good quality...why would my next computer be anything BUT a Mac?

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