Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mobile Life Tips: What's on YOUR Sunrise?

I've blogged about Sunrise before: it's a small program for your PC that allows you to "subscribe" to almost any site or RSS feed, and have it downloaded to your Palm, via Plucker. There's a new version out, that seems to make it even easier. Just installed it; I'll let you know what I think.
However, I promised I'd share the sites I read daily, and their URLs. Note: some of the ones below are XML/RSS feeds.:
  • 1SRC: the source for all news about the Palm OS.
  • The Best Of Craigs List: I have rarely read more funny stuff from and about humans. The breakup letter from a woman to Trader Joe's? Classic.
  • The Blog Maverick: Mark Cuban, founder of (which he sold to Yahoo for $400 million) and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, holds court in a frank, stream of consciousness blog on all things, from movies to stocks to sports.
  • Carbwire: Looking for low carb food ideas? They seem to have some of the best!
  • Engadget: The definitive source for gadget news, period.
  • Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy: My muse, my idol. Like you thought HE wouldn't be here...
  • Gizmodo: Hasn't been the same since Joel left, but an excellent companion to Engadget.
  • Lani's Blog: The human movie encyclopedia blogs her daily life.
  • Kevin Smith's Boring Ass Life: my spiritual (and often physical) twin blogs between movies, comics, and radio shows.
  • New York Times' Technology section: it may not be the latest, but the depth is impressive. Covers gadgets, web, and more.
  • SciFi Channel's News: Want to know the latest about science fiction movies, books, or television? SciFi, home of Battlestar Galactica, has got you covered.
  • News: The San Francisco Chronicle is definitely getting MUCH better. With the decline of the San Jose Mercury News, it's definitely the pre-eminent paper here. And finally, some hard hitting journalism from a notoriously puff piece paper. The Sports, Business, and Bay Area sections are also on my list. Hey, I read the paper daily; I'm a creature of habit, but no messy newsprint!
  •'s NFL News: Yeah, I'm a football junkie. covers the top headlines.
  • The best political online magazine. Great podcasts, too!
  • Pete's Treough Blog: Pete is a man of diverse interests. Follow along, and be inspired.
  • Tretakoff Musings: Ok, I don't read it, but when someone says "You have a blog?" I smile, and pull it up for them.

Yes, I mostly read them all, daily: the benefits of a 30 minute ferry ride and being a speed reader. Kevin Smith's and Bill Simmons' posts can keep me busy for sometime, but luckily, they don't post every day!

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