Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Palm TX: truly one device to rule them all?

Most of you know I am quite addicted to my PDA, the Palm TX. I've attempted to consolidate multiple devices and functions into it's use every day, and, in my ongoing Mobile Life Tips, I figured you should have an update.
The Palm TX

Let's take a look at my typical day. At about 4AM, my Palm "wakes up" and does a HotSync with my computer, thanks to EZSync; that HotSync allows Sunrise to grab the latest RSS feeds I monitor (I'll publish a separate list of those some time) so I can read today's San Francisco Chronicle, for instance, on my ferry ride, with Plucker. My Palm continues to work hard in the wee hours of the morning, with Quick News connecting to my WiFi network at about 5AM, and pulling down any new podcasts I subscribe to.

Later in the morning, after I have woken up, I check to see if there are any new episodes of the Daily Show, Colbert Report, or 24 that are downloaded to my PC (I was using the Democracy Player to do this automatically for me, but it was just too unstable, so I do it by hand). If there are new ones, I put them onto my 1GB SD card, so I can watch them at my leisure with TCMP.

During the day, I'm using ZLauncher to see my schedule and to do's, as well as manage my various programs. When I get a few minutes of downtime, I play a little Bejeweled 2, but I am close to getting two emulators to work on my Palm: Palm MAME, and GuineaPig, a Sega Genesis emulator.

Finally, for my ferry ride home, I usually want to get into a book, so I fire up eReader, and lose myself in one of my library. Currently, I'm reading Olympos, by Dan Simmons, the sequel to Ilium. When I get into the car, I connect the TX to my stereo and listen to my podcasts for the short ride home. The Palm is pretty much done for the day, unless Woot messages me at 10pm with a great deal; if so, I fire up the browser, connect with WiFi, and we're in business.

Overall, I think this device has done a hell of a lot more than I thought it could. I sometimes regret not getting the Treo, but the WiFi and big screen have the Treo sincerely beat. One of the best devices I've owned, and, for my Palms, it rivals the venerable Handspring Visor for flexibility, but with most already built in.

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