Saturday, April 08, 2006

Network Magic - automagically configure your home network

Computers have been part of our everyday lives for a while now, but Microsoft, while dominating the OS market, has continued to only make our interaction with them incrementally better. For instance, setting up a WiFi network in your house is still a stress-inducing tech support nightmare, 6 years after the technology has been on the market!

I'm a pretty savvy computer guy, but even I needed the help of a former Microsoft-certified engineer (thanks, Pauline!) to get my network up and running. And when it fails? I'm reduced to a trained monkey, unplugging and plugging in various routers, gadgets, and rebooting, in hopes of capturing the elusive network spirit once again.

Now, it appears not only I, but others, can be freed from this, with this free application: Network Magic. It automagically configures your home network, monitors all connected devices, and looks to help solve common problems. Like another great free Windows service, LogMeIn, this product has a free and premium version: their hope is to make the solution so simple, that when you need the further services, you gladly pay it.

Is that the sound of chains falling from shackles I hear? ;-)

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