Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wild Kingdom returns!

Where we live is on the edge of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. As a reult, sometimes living here can be a bit like living in the wild: the animals don't always understand boundaries. Foxes, turkeys, and coyotes are just some of the more domestic denizens. And of course, the deer. Occasionally, a cougar.

The oddest ones? The turkey vultures. Man, they are HUGE. And UGLY! Last week, in the midst of the last throes of monsoon season, they decided to take up residence outside of my deck. These suckers are 3 feet tall, and must have a 5 foot wingspan. The branches they were sitting on groaned under their weight.

Did they get rattled by me coming on the deck, some 8 feet away, to snap some pictures? Nope. They paid no attention to me. They are just so odd, and always travel in packs. Man, they are freaky.

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