Sunday, May 14, 2006

Deadwood a lame duck?

Seems hard to believe that HBO would allow this to happen, what with the drop off in the viewership of The Sopranos, but it seems that this season could be Deadwood's last. I'm crestfallen: no more of the most appropriately named dramatic character, Al Swearingen? First, my ideal president retires after a comeback (West Wing), then the Sopranos turns out to be an overblown image of itself (this season), and the one hope of great drama on television is riding off into the sunset?

Say it ain't so...

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Doug Fleener said...

I would agree that losing Deadwood would be a huge loss. I'm looking forward to the new season. Unfortunately I have to watch it alone since Carin says that she won’t watch a show that doesn’t have one redeeming character. Come on….Al has a soft side every now and then!

But I would disagree that the Sopranos has not been a good season. I’ve thought it has been a great year and have enjoyed it as much as ever.

Now if only they would bring back Six Feet Under and some new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and my TIVO will runneth over.