Saturday, May 20, 2006

Speaking of Charles...

Charles' House
When I went to Boston recently, I stayed with Charles. He and Jane have built an incredible house in Plymouth, MA. It's beautiful, expansive, well situated, and perfect for raising 3 girls, 1 boy (on the way!), a small dog and a rabbit. The location is great, and they recently added an office to the top floor that is amazing, not to mention a whole additional condo on the side of the house for Jane's mom!
Charles' girls
But one thing truly amazed me. No, not the astounding kitchen (it is wonderful!) or the best pantry ever, or even the wraparound porch. It's something that I, not being a parent of one, let alone three girls, or even being a parent looked upon in astonishment, but absolute awe and appreciation. The apparent key to handling a growing active family can be stated in 1 picture, truly worth 1000 words:
The holy altar of laundry
Wow. Jane & Charles: I salute your dedication as parents. :-)

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