Monday, June 05, 2006

An American In Kuwait - The Blog

Amy's cousin, my friend, and great all around guy Rob Tess is a man not afraid of a challenge. He's been all around the country, with his company, helping to clean up some of the worst sites. Now, he's in, of all places, Kuwait, and rather than an endless stream of emails, he's started a blog.

Rob is one of the most amazingly level headed people I have ever met, but he goes with full gusto. His wry perceptions are always great for dinner, weekends, and now, a perspective on an area of the world most of us only know from CNN. A long time ago, my girlfriend's father was working there, and she used to regale me with tales of Kuwait that were equally frightening and mesmerizing. Looks like Rob is already off to describing much of the same.

Tune in for his next installment...

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