Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Visual Pollution?" Windbags.

Wind power: natural, renewable, and tecnology has finally evolved to the point that we can put windmills in the middle of the ocean, away from people. This cheap, natural, and fantastic energy source should be embraced by folks paying over $3 a gallon for gas, yes?

Nope, say Nantucket and Great Lakes residents. Why? "Visual pollution" of the ocean views. Horseshit.

Let me put it in perspective: the windmill off the coast (20 miles!) of Nantucket? Stand on the beach and look where it will be. Hold your thumb up to the horizon. See the space where your thumbnail starts and the tip of your thumb ends? THAT'S the "visual pollution" we are talking about.

Let's get our heads out of our oil addicted asses, and start getting real.

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