Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vegas Hotel Reviews: New York New York

When this one was first built, I shook my head: a roller coaster in the middle of a casino? And what about all of the NYC folks that come to Vegas? Why would they want to stay there? Well, imagine a New York City from the 1930's: all deco, classic institutions, and a recognizable skyline that is actually a scaled down hotel tower. It always had a little chaotic feel to it, with the Coney Island/rollercoaster kid appeal, but it seems to have mellowed over time (or maybe I have?).

What I really like about New York New York is the fact that they "stay on message" so well. Every detail is designed to keep with the theme. The casino floors are recognizable city streets and sidewalks; the different gaming areas are themed to major NYC landmarks.

Hotel: No idea. Never stayed, but we've heard the rooms could be on the smaller side. They recently added a tasteful fountain of fireboats, commemorating 9/11, which I thought was a great touch.

Casino: Extensive, designed to convey noise and excitement. Wandering, versus uniform.

Pools: No idea.

Dining: The Chinese restaurant is all we've partaken of, and it was OK; a little on the pricey side for what it is. Also famous steakhouses (Gallagher's), and lots of NYC snacking.

Entertainment: The hotel shines here. Cirque Du Soleil does their show for mature audiences here, Zumanity: a great show. Also, Rita Rudner has a nightly show in her own theater: a classy, smart comedienne.

Overall: B. I'd like to stay here next time. Looks like it's expanding.

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