Saturday, June 24, 2006


We headed down the road a piece last week to Las Vegas, for some much needed R&R. We drove, as I find long drives in the desert as relaxing as almost anything...until Primm, NV. See, before Primm, it's all desert and mountains..relaxing, but nothing out there. And it seems every time, I fill up the car with gas in Wasco, CA...and am on fumes as I come into the mountains above Primm.

So, what is supposed to be relaxing turns into a white knuckled drive, as the low fuel light comes on, and I flash to visions of being eaten by buzzards in the desert. Staggering in the 110 degree heat, as 18 wheelers whip by, I picture crawling through the sand. Then, as I have the car in neutral, and am coasting on the downslope of the hill, wondering if the car manufacturers REALLY meant for the needle on the gas gauge to go beyond "E," the desert shimmers and shakes...and a roller coaster looms up out of the wavering heat, surrounded by casinos, hotels, outlet malls, and, most importantly...GAS.

How do we celebrate our newfound survival? Inexpensive clothing and air conditioning, of course! Outlets of Primm, we thank you for our existence; let us make a sacrifice on your altar with our American Express card!

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