Saturday, July 08, 2006

G3 iMac: worth it?

Ruby iMac
As I type this, my old Ruby iMac looks at me from the side, forlorn for the bad video card. I've resisted fixing it, as it will probably cost about $200, but I can't bear to part with it on eBay. What to do?

This article makes me think that it might just be a good investment. My dream? This becomes the kitchen computer: streaming audio (with a USB Wifi adaptor), recipes, IM, email, even voice chat. Why not?

What do you think? Comments? Votes? Tell you what: whatever you all decide by next week will be what I do. It's in your hands now!


Lani Chin said...

Nice idea, but not sure Amy would be crazy about a ruby Mac in her kitchen.

Peter Reynolds said...

We have iMac G3s at work with touch screen. That plus streaming audio would be cool, but a MacBook would be cooler.