Sunday, July 23, 2006

Getting RAMmed

Charles gave me a game for the PC: Splinter Cell. He raves about it, and I see why: it's not a "kill 'em all" game," nor is it overly strategic. Rather, a clever blend of intrigue, action, and thoughtfulness. It's all about being silent and undetected. Amazingly cool.

I took this as a chance to add some more RAM to the old desktop. I ordered from an eBay seller, got a good deal. RAM came about a week later. Popped it in: three beeps from the computer, then the sound that chills the bones: know that sound from the ER when the heartbeat goes flatline? Yup. Quickly, I reinstalled the old RAM. No beeps...and no Windows. Windows had been wiped out.

Sigh. So, down to Best Buy to buy another hard drive, then install it, then install Windows on it, then rebuild from my two old hard drives. Just got done yesterday. The eBay RAM? Back to the seller. I grabbed some new RAM from Best Buy, for about $20 more than I paid on eBay, and popped it in with no issue.

So, the computer is back, the game awaits, and I learned yet another expensive and painful lesson about buying on eBay. Sigh.

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