Monday, July 03, 2006

July 4th: Embrace your American Responsibilities

What Really HappenedAs we approach this nation's birthday, I reflect on what it means to be an American right now. We are all ruled by a government that clearly has lied to us to achieve it's own goals. It's not the first time; it won't be the last. But, as the folks at point out, we are in a unique historical position: we can actually affect the outcome of the lie, while the actions that are being carried out in its name still transpire around us.

Look, we all know we were misled into Iraq. We were content to allow it to happen, because Bush did a mildly ok job after 9/11, and Colin Powell, who we REALLY trusted, said this was all fact. We were, in short, lied to. What did we expect? Politicians do this for a living; why blame them? Blame us.

I do not have any children. Nor do I have any children in Iraq. If I did, I would be protesting every day to get my child home. It's time for the lie to end. And yet, the Neocons keep talking, like last week's finding the mustard gas from the 1980's Iran-Iraq war and calling IT the WMD's we invaded for.

Enough. We are Americans; our government is MEANT to be held to task for the actions it takes. It's not a monarchy, it's a democracy. Celebrate our independence by pushing back on the Neocon forces: stop supporting Fox, start congratulating John Murtha.

Happy Independence Day. Celebrate!

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