Monday, July 03, 2006

Upcoming events/trips

All Acorss AmericaWhat's next for us?

Tomorrow, we head to McNear's Beach in San Rafael for a July 4 BBQ, hosted by Charles Hacskaylo, followed by fireworks at the County Fair, or a more sedate swim at Casa Mars, with an overlook of the distant fireworks on the Bay.

Amy's headed to Boston at the end of the month; after having been in Las Vegas and Illinois last week, I'm headed to New York and possibly Boston at the end of this month. Probably New Hampshire, in August.

Man, this is tiring. :-)

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Jennifer said...

Hi Josh..This is totally random & out of the blue, but..I'm looking for a Charles Hacskaylo (actually he went by Drew when I knew him 5874958764 years ago) and through a series of random google (etc) searches I found this post! Any chance it's the same guy? If so, will you forward this to him & ask him to email me? The Charles (Drew) Hacskaylo I knew was from NC, and I met him on a trip to Europe about 1989. He knew me as Jen Dull.
We were fast friends, and I miss him!

If it's not the same guy, well, I'm sorry for the stalkerish interruption & have a great weekend!

Sincerely, Jennifer Shaw