Monday, July 03, 2006

Vegas Hotel Reviews: Mirage


The Volcano. Before the Bellagio, it was the symbol of the "new" Las Vegas Strip. Live eruptions, every hour, complete with the searing heat, pounding drums, all in the middle of the desert. One of the best fire and water illusions ever.

Obviously, the Mirage goes way beyond that. It was one of the first Luxury hotels that opened on the Strip, and damend if it doesn't still feel it. A good mix of tropical lushness inside, with a tinge of higher end, but never forgetting Vegas is all about the fun.

Hotel: The massive aquarium behind the check in counter sets the tranquil mood,a nd the hotel is still one of the better ones. Not big on the theme, more about nice looking and good staff.

Casino: Sprawls a bit, with that Vegas feel of getting you lost. Sometimes you are at a sports bar; other times, in what feels like the hotel lobby. Lots of $1 slots and active tables; REALLY lacking any blackjack slot machines.

Pools: Supposedly, a good one, though I have not checked it out myself.

Dining: They shine here. First, the Carnegie Deli is not to be missed: you can eat for 2 days on one sandwich, and at not unbelieveably bad prices. Good service, too! The Mirage also has a Brazilian "Carneceria," where you pay a flat rate, and the meat just keeps on coming; Vegetarians, avoid at all costs. When I say meat, I do not just mean steak: delicious chicken, bacon wrapped scallops, excellent white fish, pork...the list goes on. It's an Atkins heaven, and we HIGHLY recommend it.

Entertainment: Sigfried and Roy, before the accident, were here, and their Secret Garden remains. Now, Cirque Du Soleil brings their take on The Beatles to The Mirage, in a show called Love. Make no mistake, the Mirage is out to entertain you. Bored? Take their private tram to Treasure Island ("ti") and sample even more fun.

Overall: B. I think this is our next hotel. Staff was so great, food excellent, and we even had fun gambling there (Amy won!).

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