Sunday, July 02, 2006

Vegas Hotel Reviews: Paris


Across from the Bellagio, it started as a gawker's dream, but has turned into an actual place to be. The restaurants have evolved into truly high class, and the ambience outside of the casino is upscale, in spite of itself. The architecture is amazing, and, like New York New York, does an excellent job of incorporating the "highlights" of an idealized Paris.

Hotel: No idea. Never stayed, but I'd be open to it. Very much an Atrium feel.

Casino: One of the most architecturally integrated in all of Las Vegas. The casino takes the feel that New York New York did to a whole new level. Trees along a broad avenue cover rows of slots, etc. It's an "outside-in" feel, with the proud leg of the Eiffel Tower jutting right in the middle. Excellent.

Pools: No idea.

Dining: The "Ami du Gabi" (I'm sure I am misspelling it) is one of the dining places that the press can't stop fawning over. Reviews have been over the top, as well. Don't know abotu much more, but I'm sure they are on message.

Entertainment: Not sure.

Overall: B+. A worthy competitor to the Venetian, if it keeps going.

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