Thursday, August 24, 2006

Biking on the Golden Gate Bridge

I've recently been talked into biking home occasionally from work. Normally, I bike to the Sausalito Ferry, and then to the office, and then back the same, but Charles has been taking this biking a lot more seriously. His enthusiasm is infectious, so I've been talked into, after a long day at work, riding through the city, then over the Golden Gate.

First, I've come to one conclusion: I hate hills. I don’t know why, but even though I have been doing this bike thing for a while, I still can’t stand going up hills. I am absolutely unashsamed at walking the bike, when needed, and the ride to the Bridge has two major ones that I can’t quite get up and over: a Charlie Horse (why the hell do they call it that???) always strikes. Luckily, Charles is patient, and puts up with me.

Second, I never thought biking could be anything but a solitary endeavor. Yet, with Charles as a companion, we talk and ride, and, 13 miles later, I'm amazed I survived. Of course, he rides another 10 miles after we part ways, which just makes me stunned, but it really helps.

Finally, I will say that riding across that bridge is stunning. One side is just for bikes, and you look at the ocean and the coastline the whole way. Sure, when you round the Towers, you are blasted with a wall of ocean air that almost stops you, but it's worth it. And that breakneck speed ride down Alexander Ave into Sausalito "makes it all worth it," as Charles says.

In any case, when you are crossing the bridge, and see the slow moving guy on the bike, with a helmet (sigh) trying to keep up with the brightly clad guy on the world's lightest bike, wave and say hi!

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