Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another week, another GG Bridge ride

OK, Charles has officially got me hooked on the new tradition of doing "the full ride" from work, over the Golden Gate Bridge, on Fridays. Yes, it's long (takes me about 90 minutes), and challenging (I've got a mountain bike, not a road bike, and I'm not that good a biker), but it's the closest thing I've experienced to the mythological "exercise high."

For instance, yesterday, after a loooooong week, I was able to focus on finding a new path through the Presidio (thanks, Pete!), admiring the preparations for this weekend's Fleet Week air show festivities (am I the only one who thinks those Red Bull air race markers are incredibly phallic? Especially with all of the women in their tight Red Bull outfits?), and smiling at the pluck of a small Catamaran sailer with a purple sail fighting to get through the Golden Gate.

It ain't heaven, but it sure is a nice Friday afternoon ride home. Courtesy of and Google Maps, you are welcome to follow along with me!

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