Monday, October 02, 2006

Streaming TV?

Here's a simple, free application that seems to leverage peer to peer technology to allow you to watch a variety of TV and cable networks on your PC. No file downloading; pick a channel, and start watching.

Why would you want the TVU Player? Well, with the channel selection, if you are a fan of TV from China or Korea, this might be your thing. :-) But seriously, I can think of two reasons:
  1. If you are like me, you might want to have the TV on in the background as you work, such as the latest news from CNN, etc.
  2. Here's the most important reason: all of the major broadcast networks are here. Why is that important? FOOTBALL. Do I want to watch the "plucky" 49ers game, or the pathetic Raiders game, when the national game features the Cowboys or the Patriots? Uh, I don't THINK so. Sure, I could get DirecTV, and pay a whopping $250 to watch those games...or I could watch them online, FREE. You do the math.

It seems to work well; we'll see how well it works on Sunday...if the damned TV Networks don't catch on before then. Listen up, guys: I'd PAY to have the game of the week. Use this as a test marketing idea: partner up with these folks, monitor the shows that people watch, and offer them as HD Pay Per View!

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