Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cigars...auctions...color me happy!

I like good, cheap cigars. Sure, I love my Zino's, but as a startup guy, it's hard to justify dropping $100 a month on such class. Instead, I've made it a passion to search for good cheapies. I'm talking a buck a stick kinda cheapies.

In the past, Cigars International has been my 1 stop shop for this. They have amazing weekly specials, and I try them frequently. They've turned me on to some nice cheap brands that won't leave you thinkign you've just smoked "floor sweepings." But now, I discovered Cigar Bid: an auction site for cigars. I think it might be owned by CI, as it features many of their products and brands, but the prices...WOW. I've got three bids in now...we'll see how it goes!

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