Friday, November 24, 2006

A Low(er) Carb Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the annual tradition, complete with the 20 lb. bird. As I have moved to a much lower carb lifestyle, I decided to try my luck with some traditional Thanksgiving treats, low-carb style. See, normally I just get tortured by the massive great gourmet food, and end up relenting, then feeling terrible. This year, not on my watch.

First up, dessert. I love Pumpkin Pie, but the crust and filler is a carb-killer. A few years ago, I tried a mix and a Pecan crust, but that was WAY too advanced for me. This year, I made the pumpkin pie filling from scratch, and decided to skip the crust. In essence, a pumpkin custard. Of course, had I known a food processor is not the best for liquids, I might have had more. Sigh. After cleaning the mess, the blender did the job, and the result was surprisingly good! Add some Cool Whip Lite, and it was damned impressive.

Next, one of my other major vices: cranberry sauce. Maybe it's because I was raised in the cranberry capital of the world, but Turkey and Cranberry sauce just are perfect. Problem? Commercial sauces are almost all sugar. Solution? Make my own. First, organic cranberries. Put them in some water, add some Equal, and boil them up. The cranberries burst, and then spread out. Refrigerate, and MAN: homemade, low carb cranberry sauce that is actually really good!

Finally, bread: the ultimate carb killer. But how can you have Thanksgiving without rolls? Brazilian Cheese Bread to the rescue. Low carb, delicious, and irresistible.

Add Turkey, green beans, and some gravy...A delicious low carb feast!

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