Saturday, November 18, 2006

Michael Moore rubs it in

In the wake of the Democratic retaking of the Congress, Michael Moore decided to rub it in this week:

"In fact, those of us on the other side of the fence don't really know what it's like to win, so if we seem a bit awkward right now (were we supposed to vote for the majority leader the speaker said to vote for, or stick to our promise to the other guy?), forgive us."

I used to really like Moore's work. I found him slightly grating. But when I watched Michael Moore Hates America, it opened up a whole other side for me. He's been using the same deceptive tactics as he decried for years. Worse, he does not live by the ideals he espouses.

Hopefully the Democrats will distance themselves from him, and let him get back to just being a filmmaker.

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