Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Night Rider

Well, after 2 weeks of not riding the bike, thanks to two bike accidents and the time change, I'm back at it. Tonight was my first night ride...well, technically, my first with lights. And not crashing. :-) It's a different experience: much more deliberate and careful, but still fun, and, after 2 weeks, I've lost a little of my wind.

Hopefully, I'll be back to more regular riding. I've got the lights, so we're set there. Everyone warned me it would be so cold, but it actually was pretty darn warm; at least as warm as this summer's riding. The rain will be...interesting. I got fenders, but they don't seem to fit my bike. I've got a great rain jacket, and a long sleeve shirt and long pants (sigh...tights) on the way. Should be interesting!

Note for Pete: the image to the right is from your ancestral home: a New Zealand biking website. :-)

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