Monday, November 20, 2006

When the Emperor has no clothes

I've been in this position in Corporate America many times. Leadership is lacking; the passionate people are frustrated that there is no movement, and the rest of the employees are disgruntled at the tension. It becomes a situation that needs radical change, or the change happens without the company's involvement (see Inktomi).

At Yahoo, this seems to be the case today, and one man has decided to do something about it. Bard Garlinghouse, the SVP who is key to the company, has published a letter with startlingly frank critique and recommendations for change that has had an electrifying effect on the company. He will either be villified, pilloried, or heralded, but one thing is for sure: he will not be forgotten.

Read his refreshingly great comments, as well as TechCrunch's analysis to get a rare peek inside a company on the change wavefront.

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