Sunday, November 19, 2006


'Tis the holiday season, and the video game console wars are in full swing. Last year, Microsoft made a savvy move and released the XBox 360, the next-generation platform. There were no other new consoles out, so the Market was theirs. And, as it takes about a year for software to start taking advantage of the new hardware, this holiday their game Gears Of War is set to be a smash.

And in this corner...weighing in a 600 lbs., the Champion, the Monster, the Overpriced Sensation...Sony's PlayStation 3. Yes, inspiring fanboys to riot at the short supply and spend thousands on eBay (of over $700, if you wait for it to actually be in stock next year), the new PS3 is the sound of Sony going All In for their claim to the #1 console. Packed to the gills with every gadget and technology possible, it is clearly the most advanced console...and possibly too advanced. At $600 to start, only the elite will want it.

The surprise? The Nintendo Wii. Under $300, it does not blaze new graphics power or incredible games. Instead, it's a modest console with innovative controls, meant for a more interactive play style. Motion controlled remotes, instead of complicated joypads, open up a new world of possibility. Tennis? Swing your virtual racket. Fishing? Cast away. The interesting moment was watching Amy as she watched a demo of Bowling and was clearly excited: this is clearly Nintendo's strategy, to go after non-game players. For me, who really only plays consoles for Madden, it looks interesting, especially after today's highest rating of Madden on any platform, on the Wii. I guess there's only one one way this ends:

Wii'll see. :-)

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Nintendo made this great intro video to explain and show. Fun!

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