Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Miracle: Man can Fly

Ok, maybe not quite Christmas, as it happened on the 10th, but pretty impressive nonetheless. Remember the promise of the jetpack? You know, the one from the Bond movies, and the vision of the future, where we were all promised that we'd be tooling around in our own flying harness? Hasn't quite worked out that way, yet.

Enter, from an unlikely quarter, Yves Rossy. This Swiss daredevil figured out how to not only ride a jetpack, but to strap on some foldable wings to make it a viable, controllable form of transportation. The image here is from the video of his maiden flight; it's amazing to watch him leading a plane with nothing but his body, his jetpack, and his wings.

Heck, even beats the Flying Car for dreams come true.

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