Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How 'Bout them Marin Cowboys?

Hey, I'm not saying I'm ready for Canton, or even Vegas, but I'm proud to say that this year's Loyalty Lab Fantasy Football season came to a pretty satisfying conclusion:

Yep, after finishing close to the top the last two seasons, this year the Superbowl was mine. Maybe it was the incentive of having $250 on the line, or maybe I, like my 'Boys, was finally desperate enough for a winning season, but most likely it was a combination of my competition and luck. Want proof? The 3rd place winner, the Exurbanites, was a member who hadn't touched his team since his draft. In the end, it came down to Loyalty Lab's two Russians, and this one came out on top.

My powerhouse players this season were Peyton Manning of the Colts (at least he can win a championship in fantasy football), Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars (who? Wasn't Fred Taylor supposed to be the top back?), Marion Barber III of the Cowboys (all he does is score touchdowns), and the sleeper of Marques Colston of the Saints (who was inexplicably listed as a TE/WR, giving me a very strong advantage over most tight ends), it was an 11-2 season. As usual, Cobra Kai, in the form of Ted O'Hanlon, gave me my usual run for the money (we split the meetings this season), and Candice Coder showed her 2nd year experience for my other loss, but it was Ken Sogomonov who was my real competition this season. Great season overall.

To celebrate the win, I asked the other players to forgo payment to me, and instead donate their $25 to the James Kim Memorial Fund, in support of the Kim family after the tragic loss of James, whom I have blogged about. If you'd like to pay kudos to either James Kim's life, the Kim families' coping with their ordeal and James' loss, or my fantasy football prowess, please feel free to head over and make a quick PayPal donation to the Kim family, as well.

Now, if Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones just listen to me, the Lombardi trophy is rightfully headed back to Dallas! And of course, all I have to say is...

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