Saturday, January 06, 2007

Been waiting all week for Saturday night

Live blogging my Dallas Cowboys, back in the playoffs...finally! This game comes down to the talent of Romo and Julius Jones against a team with heart, the Seattle Seahawks.

In the 1st quarter, both teams look sloppy. Romo is throwing too low, and the defenses are setting the tone. Need a big play.

Q2: C'mon, Romo. More low throws. He scrambled; that's when you need magic!

Q2: Penalties! What the hell, Boys? You aren't the Raiders!

Q2: Madden is right. Romo needs to settle down. He's dangerous when he scrambles, but he's throwing erratically. Where's that poise he got to the Pro Bowl with?

Q2: I've never been a Parcells fan, but nice to see him fired up. About time.

Q2: Goddam Owens. Most overpaid asshole in the game. Drops, drops, drops. Earn that pay.

Q2: TOUCHDOWN! That's the Romo I've been waiting for!

Q3: More penalties, and the Hawks are looking much sharper. Don't let them back in...

Q3: Seahawks TD. Good Seattle drive. They definitely are much more focused.

Q3: Miles Austin, my new hero. TOUCHDOWN, Cowboys. Great kickoff runback, for a TD. Yeah!

Q4: Great tip and pick by Newman to Roy Williams. Now, they need to build on this.

Q4: Jones finally getting on track. Boys settle for a field goal, though. A TD would have put it away. Still only 1 score separates these 2.

Q4: Another huge penalty, with Newman mugging the receiver. Frustration, clearly, with Hasselbeck picking them apart. 4th down, on the goalline...and the Hawks turn it over!

Q4: Whoa! What the hell? An insane play: pass to Glenn, fumbled, ball in the endzone, ball goes out, but flipped back in...and a safety! What a wild play.

Q4: Seahawks with a great pass. TD. Seahawks take the lead, but fail on the 2 pt conversion. 21-20, Seahawks.

Q4: Less than 2 minutes left, the Boys are near the goalline...4th down...Field goal snap is fumbled! Romo runs...but stopped. Oh NO.

Q4: Hail Mary. 1 play left...Romo throws...incomplete. Seahawks win. The Cowboys season is over. Unreal.

Sigh. What looked like a great win becomes a loss. The Dallas Cowboys of 2006: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Doug Fleener said...

Should have put Drew in to hold the ball. It doesn't require moving and he wouldn't be busy trying to decide between Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood.

Josh Tretakoff said...

Sad...but accurate.