Sunday, January 28, 2007

Digital Data, Analog Style

I've always been much more satisfied with analog displays than digital. They are somehow more alive, more vibrant than the cold displays of numbers on most LCDs or LEDs; give me a Nixie Tube any time over any of those. Certainly, my wishlist has always held a valued spot for the Ambient Office Dashboard, with it's delightfully analog gauges and punch card programmability, but it's a mere pretender to the throne when compared with The Device.

The Device (it's full name is The Device Patented Process Indicator) is all I have ever imagined for a desktop widget of the first order. With 2 analog dials, a glowing beaker of liquid, and a bezeled red light, you can use the software to decide what 4 things you want to watch on each. Stock prices? Temperatures? Blog page loads? take your pick and take in all the information at a glance, in magnificent style.

Courtesy of a link from Brass Goggles, The Device is almost on sale. As soon as it is, count on me as a very happy early analog adopter.

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