Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kodak Gets It

Kodak, the venerable institution of Americana, clearly is in a state of transition. With both savvy acquisitions and organic growth in the digital space, they have carefully moved into a position where they are on the cusp of being the fastest growing digital imaging company in the world...again.

But, despite that, that's not what I am posting about tonight. As a company, as a culture, they have definitely understood the world is changing, and want all of their employees to understand they GET IT. This video, originally produced for internal use, is absolutely the best example of how a large company, steeped in tradition, can inspire the energy, the passion, and the fun of the changing world they live in:

Now, tell me THAT is not a company you would love to work for! A company that can poke fun at itself while paying homage to their legacy, and showing a whole new side...MAN. Remember, this was for internal use: they used this to show the vast, longtime employees of Kodak that not only do they have nothing to fear, but that this is one of the most exciting times to be in their space, and this is one of the companies poised to rule it.

Bravo, Kodak: this irreverence combined with passion is what every company needs to have. To paraphrase the Engadget article on this, let's see what happens next!

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