Thursday, January 11, 2007

San Franciscans Gone Wild

I spent a few years as a professional singer. A Cappella harmony, Barbershop, even a little Gilbert & Sullivan. Who knew this could get you physically assaulted, especially in the most liberal area of the country? Well, apparently, some of my fellow Bay Areans decided a group from Yale who sang the National Anthem on New Year's Eve deserved something in return for their patriotism, violence-style.

I'm a firm Libertarian, and generally side on the Blue State aspects of the country, but this makes me see Red. This is despicable. Not only is violence like this absolutely abhorrent and intolerable, but to take violence against people making music, on a night of national revelry, in this's enough to make someone agree with Bill O'Reilly.

San Francisco, specifically the people who did this: you should not only be ashamed, prosecuted, and punished: you should be publicly humiliated and pilloried. I'm ashamed to share the same country, state, and city with you.

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