Saturday, January 27, 2007

This Blog Just Saved Me $60!

In my recent posting about AT&T's VOIP Service, I wrote:
"Yes, Vonage has a few more features I would like, and is $5 less;"

To which, a commenter, the mysterious SamIam, kindly said:
"AT&T CallVantage isn't $5 more than Vonage. Call them up and change your plan. The new plan (same as the old plan) is under $25 -- The FCC requires you change to the new plan!"

Well, I logged into my CallVantage account today, saw a link to change my plan, and was able to switch it to the $25 plan instead. There is NO difference between the $30 and $25 plans; just different price.

Thanks, SamIam: $60 a year savings, because of your comment!

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