Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fantasy Sports comes to the Movies

It had to happen. Fantasy Sports is an ever-increasing popular obsession among sports fans, dating back to the Rotisserie Baseball that started in the 1980's. Constructed by bored sportswriters who were looking for ways to amuse themselves, they created a game where an individual player's stats gave him "points." You could assemble a team of players, and the points they earned for their individual achievements would be your total score. Soon, the concept spread from baseball, to football, to's now a HUGE business, and, with the arrival of the Web, it became even easier to manage a league, trade, etc.

The problem? For non-sports fans, it's not only boring, it's aggravating. And, for fans of football (like me), who the heck cares about baseball, for instance? Many have tried to look at ways to make fantasy sports more universally appealing, but failed. Others, such as the Sports Guy, have made noble attempts to help, offering his legendary US Magazine Fantasy league for the Sports Gal. But nothing has really captured attention.

Until now.

Fantasy Moguls is open for business. EVERYONE loves the movies, and everyone is a critic. Now's your chance to prove you can run a major studio. Amazon just invested almost $1 million in this, to drive traffic to the IMDB. As Techcrunch had to say:
You can draft movies and earn points based on how well they do at the box office, number of weeks in the top 5, per-theater average, and their IMDb review score (IMDb is owned). Traditional fantasy sports leagues allow you to draft players and earn points for how well they perform in games.

So, I'm throwing down the gauntlet. Although Lani will, most likely, clean our clock, there are still 6 other slots available in a league I have created. I am inviting readers of this blog to join. If you can't use the link for some reason, it's the Ultimate Mobile league (Lani named it). Yes, you have to sign up (it's free). Winner gets...well, I'm thinking either a bunch of movie tickets or Netflix rentals. You decide.

In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing who plays for 2nd place!

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