Thursday, February 22, 2007

FutureCar: I Want One Now

Not sure if you have been catching it, but the Discovery Channel has been running a miniseries, FutureCar. I'm not all that keen on the editing, as they spend about 2 minutes on each cool car concept, then spend 10 minutes on a hydrogen powered go kart time trial. However, there was one car that looks to be on the cusp of reality that makes it all worth it: the VentureOne.

3 wheels. Cockpit style seating. Hybrid technology. All look spacey and futuristic. But here's the kicker: it leans into turns, up to 45 degrees! That makes driving this thing a combination of motorcyle, car...and plane. See, it takes the best of what I love about my all-wheel drive Outback Sport to a whole new level. The video section of the site really says it all: "This thing is so much fun to should have guns, or missles on it! I want to dogfight!"

Rumor is, the VentureOne (the evolution of the Carver One featured in FutureCar and the videos) will come in at less than $20K and comarketed with BMW, who made small fun transport a success with the reintroduction of the Mini Cooper. At a range of 350 miles per tank, max speeds in excess of 100 mph, and the feel of "flying the road," not to mention a removable top, I'm so there. Not to mention the parking benefits!

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