Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mamet and Tourette's

Do you know who David Mamet is? If you said no, stop reading this, and head straight for your Netflix account. Add Glengarry Glen Ross, State & Main, and The Spanish Prisoner to the top of your queue, right now. Watch. Come back here, after, and we'll resume.

For those of you who are already enlightened to the miracle that is Mamet, you may not be aware that he has a series on television: The Unit. Crackling with a blend of Mamet dialogue, and a "Delta Force meets Desperate Housewives" feel, it's a must watch for the true aficionado. His episodes of The Shield were intense, and he keeps the energy going here (along with employment of his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon).

One thing about Mamet: he never shirks from language. American Bison set the tone, and it reached it's zenith with Glengarry Glen Ross. In fact, one clever director recut a new trailer for GGR, with this in mind. Note: this is NOT safe for work (language) and should probably only be played with headphones. For the Mamet fan, however, this clever parody remix of GGR is not to be missed.

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