Saturday, February 03, 2007

Speaking of Apple and Superbowl weekend...

While this year's Superbowl is not a major attraction for me (Colts vs. Bears? Yawn.), I am looking forward to the commercials. The buzz is that Apple has a special commercial planned this year, possibly Beatles-related, so that's will be the Easter egg I'm hunting for.

These commercials have become amazing, in their technical detail, their story, and their originality. For instance, I give you Michael Jordan, king of the commercial/sports pitchmen. Already a legend in basketball, sports, clothes, and commercials ("Gotta be the shoes" "Nothing but net"), Gatorade produced this stunning Superbowl commercial for his last major appearance, entitled simply 23 vs. 29:

Some commercials have used famous directors, of course, but never made it to the screen, even for the Superbowl. Take this absolutely brilliant Spike Jonze-directed Gap masterpiece:

However, this year's hype king is also the master of the Superbowl commercial. Let's not forget: it was Apple who brought the idea of the Superbowl commercial to the mainstream as a pop-culture icon, with the original, Ridley Scott's 1984. I leave you with the iconic genius of pop culture it is:

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