Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why my next PC will be a Mac

At the office, we have some seriously hardcore developers. Recently, I've noticed a strange phenomenon spreading among them. No, not the sudden burst of social skills or normal working hours (though those are eerily appearing, as well). It's the sight of monstrously oversized Dell laptops disappearing, being replaced with sleek, slim silver...Macs. How is this possible, in the hallowed ground of development, that the ultimate computer, forever associated with designers, is now a hardcore development machine, you ask? One word: Parallels.

While Microsoft releases Vista and it's more refined UI, and Mac tries to shove more and more into the amazing OS X, the quiet revolution comes from an unlikely pair: Mac's switch to Intel chips and Parallels, which lets you run Windows in a window of your OS X machine, with no seeming loss of speed or quality. Sure, Apple's Boot Camp lets you run either Windows or Mac OS, but Parallels allows the simultaneous approach. While this has been done before with emulation, to watch it in action on the high powered Macs is truly staggering. The seamless movement, the perfect OS X icon treatment, the copying and pasting between the two OS'

I'm a longtime Mac fan, but had to give them up with the lack of support. But watching one of my coworkers run both OS's, then switching between the two with eerie speed and gorgeous Mac effects, then watching him hook up his Windows Mobile smartphone to the frankenbox...jaw dropping. There is seriously NO reason that your next full computer or laptop should be anything but a Mac. It is, without question, the best of both worlds. Bravo.

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