Friday, March 09, 2007

Google Desktop 3.0: Ready Yet?

I'm a big fan of the Goog: fast, powerful, and accessible applications, all at the right price (FREE). When Google Desktop hit the scene, I was delighted: email search, and replace that crappy Microsoft search with a real power tool, PLUS Gadgets (widgets)? call me crazy, I thought we had a winner.

Unfortunately, version 1 was VERY resource intensive, and slowed my computer to a crawl. Version 2 took the Gadgets up a notch, but the search was still too limiting: it could only search up to 100K emails (I have easily over 1 million), and had a few security risks. Now version 3 has hit the street, and it adds a whole lotta eye candy. Now, the ubiquitous Sidebar samples your desktop picture, and blends the Gadgets to match. It adds a dramatic touch with gradients and light text on dark backgrounds to the News and RSS modules. The Weather is very cool; the Notepad is cute. And, of course, it uses all of the Gadgets out there.

So what's the verdict? Well, the self learning news and RSS modules were always my favorite, and the stylization that comes with Version 3 makes it truly cool. The Sidebar is definitely now ready for prime time. I'm still hoping they expand the number of emails to index, but I'll survive. In short, I think we finally have a winner.

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