Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hot Tub. Big Screen TV. Car. ZERO Emissions.

Ladies and gentlemen, have a look at the man on the left. Looks fairly unassuming, right? Hardly what you would think of as a revolutionary? Well, prepare to bow down before him: he has created a zero emission home and car ecosystem that he lives by. As the Christian Science Monitor says,
"On sunny days, solar panels on the roof of Strizki's detached garage generate more than enough electricity to power his home. The excess electricity powers a device inside the garage called an electrolyzer, which transforms a tank of water into its base elements – oxygen and hydrogen.

"The oxygen is released into the atmosphere, while the hydrogen is stored in 10 1,000-gallon propane tanks on Strizki's property. In the winter, when the solar panels collect less energy than the home needs, that hydrogen is piped to an air-conditioner-size fuel cell, located just outside the garage, which generates electricity."

That's zero emissions, and as much power as you want. Better, he also has a hydrogen fuel cell powered car that he fills with hydrogen from his own electrolyzer. Yep, total power and transportation from sunlight and water.

The downside? He spent $500K, but got $250K back from the state. The hydrogen generator system is hardly efficient (he loses 50% in evaporation). But, his quote is the most telling:
"Nothing is as wildly expensive as destroying the whole planet."

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