Monday, March 05, 2007

Netflix Streaming: As Good As Advertised

If you haven't heard, Netflix has finally started to live up to their name by offering you the ability to stream movies over the web. Unlike iTunes, or other services, you can watch over 1000 movies via a live stream, included as part of your monthly subscription fee. Here's how it works: let's say you are on the Netflix $18 a month plan. In addition to your unlimited DVD's out per month, you get 18 hours of streaming per month.

I saw that this was an option for me tonight in my account. As I type this, I'm watching Westworld, full screen, on my other monitor. What I was concerned about was the speed and quality of the streaming. Much to my surprise, the installation was fast and painless, and the streaming started immediately. No hiccups, no skips, no delays: just instant movie watching. Wow.

No, you can't save the movies; too bad, as I'd love to watch them on my Palm. But, for a service that is included with your subscription, at no extra cost, it's amazing. IE only, and, of course, PC only (Mac users, try it with Parallels; should work). Next step: hook the PC up to the TV, and watch these movies on the BIG screen!

Stay tuned...and check your Netflix account to see if you have streaming available! Go to My Account, then click the link that says "How can I watch streaming movies?"

Ok, back to Westworld!

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